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No job too crazy.

At KBS Veldhoven, you can rely on us for all your handyman services and minor renovations in and around the house. From painting to demolition and rough construction, no task is too much. If we don’t have the expertise in-house, one of our skilled friends certainly does. This way, we tackle every job, and you always have the same point of contact. That makes communication so much easier.

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Complete renovations

KBS Veldhoven offers a complete service, providing support throughout every step of your renovation.

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Also for all your plasterwork you can come to us. The floors and windows are neatly taped off so that the mess is kept to a minimum. We ensure smooth ceilings and walls with precise accuracy.

Destruction and rough construction

From rough demolition work to rerouting drainage and piping. We’d gladly take care of it for you.


From applying texture to adding varnish and lacquer. We ensure the perfect finishing touches.

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Introduction, quote, and scheduling

We always visit first for an introduction and to assess the work. After estimating the tasks, you’ll receive a quote from us. Upon acceptance of the quote, we schedule the work and start as soon as possible.

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On the scheduled date, we begin the work. We strive to meet the planned deadline and ensure that you experience as little inconvenience as possible. We work neatly, carefully, and leave the space (when possible) accessible and tidy afterwards.

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Final inspection and delivery

After the execution of the work, we inspect the space together for a final check. If everything is in order, tidy, and completed according to agreement, we deliver the space.

Contact us

Do you have a task that needs to be solved perfectly, skillfully, and quickly? Then contact us via the form below. Of course, you can also call or send a message to the phone number below.

Klusbedrijf Schampaert (handyman service Schampaert)

About us

KBS was founded in 2020 by Frans Schampaert. By now, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every job. Whatever the tasks may be, our philosophy is: “Make it like you would at home.” We always work according to agreement and believe in clear, honest communication. We also enjoy brainstorming with you, because together you know more than alone.